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Manja Ressler is an independent writer & journalist. She writes book reviews and other articles for several publications; edits magazines and online publications. She has edited a collection of essays on Judaism and Jewish subjects by the late Dutch author and feminist Andreas Burnier (pen name of C.I. Dessaur) and is currently working on a memorial web site for her. The collection of essays is due for publication in Spring 2015.

Manja Ressler studied screenwriting in New York, at the New School University and was involved in film and television projects. Areas of interest: Art, literature, music; Judaism; Middle East; human rights; philosophy; animals in general and dogs in particular.




  1. Ha Manja,
    Mazzeltov met je blog. Leuk om te lezen. En informatief. Er staan dus al twee moskeeën in de buurt van Ground Zero. Ik kan me voorstellen dat “men” niet blij is met een moskee vlakbij Ground Zero als het een radicale club was geweest. Maar ik begrijp dat het om open moslims gaat die zich zeer bewust zijn van wat uit naam van de Islam is gedaan door Al Qaida. Groet, Harry Polak

  2. I have just found out that my rescue dog is a cretan hound, he is a cream/ light brown version of your lovely Aliki, (who is beautiful by the way). He’s a very scared boy and has a lot in common with your girl. I loved reading your article about her and how you deal with her issues. Looking forward to reading more.


    • Hi Nano,
      Your dog will eventually forget all or most of his fears. It takes time and patience, and confidence-building. Aliki is almost 12 now, and even though her health is not so good (arthrosis because of elbow dysplasia), she is a happy girl who likes people and who wags her tail when the doorbell rings. I couldn’t have expected that she would heal this much. She still is a little shy with other dogs, but if she meets one she likes, she is incredibly enthusiastic. I wish you and your wonderful Cretan Hound the best and many happy years together.

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